DIY Halloween Candy Dish
Recipe type: Craft
It's almost Halloween and that means all things spooky and sweet! This DIY Halloween Candy Dish is the perfect place to stash all your sweet Halloween candy for Trick-or-Treaters.
What You Will Need
  • 1 4" Clay flower pot
  • 1 10" clay flower sauce
  • Orange gloss spray paint
  • Black lava marbelizing spray paint
  • Clear Acrylic Gloss Sealer
  • E6000 Permanent Craft Glue
What You Do
  1. Spray paint the pot and saucer with orange spray paint and let dry completely.
  2. Spray with the marbelizing lava paint and let dry.
  3. Spray with a coat or two of clear acrylic sealer.
  4. Apply the E6000 glue to the bottom of the 4" clay pot and place the saucer on top making sure to center it.
  5. Let dry and add candy. (Prepackaged candy is recommended)
Recipe by The Farmwife Crafts at